Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Being Wife of a Tory PM

We're not even sure what her real name is.

Some say it's Laureen Teskey. Others say she now asks to be called "Mrs. Harper." Hm, but then, does that mean her name *is* "Mrs. Harper"? Did she (ack!) change it to appease the social-right-wingers in the Reform-Alliance-Conservative pack, to pretend to not be the intelligent, independent person that she apparently is?

Serious, serious ack if she did.

She has two kids, she rides a motorcycle, she's outgoing and extroverted and yet somehow married Mr. Harper. She also calls herself a "moderate" conservative and not a social conservative at all.

(I always find it reassuring to read things like that, but then, everybody thinks they're moderate, right? Does it mean anything when you call it yourself?)

She's trained as a journalist and used to run her own business, but quit to support Stephen's political career. She's always been politically active, but she has relegated herself to acting as advisor to her hubby.

Which is lovely and supportive and admirable and all that, and of course everyone knows it's next to impossible to have two careers going if one spouse is prime minister. But when I combine this with the appallingly low numbers of female candidates (and voters!) in the Tory ranks, and the pre-1960 attitudes towards childcare, feminism, reproductive choice, and "the family," I become slightly uncomfortable.

What's happened to the women's movement?

I mean, we don't even know her name.

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