Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Media Bias

I keep reading Tory complaints about the Great Eastern-Leftist Bias in the Media and how it smears Westerners, Tories, and Tories Who Wear Cowboy Costumes in particular.

Never believed it myself, since I didn't see a single kind word said about Martin through the whole campaign.

MyBlahg reposted this article, which I'm quoting and reposting. It thumb-squishes this Tory rumour (which we could call the Great Western-Tory Bias in Reporting on the Media):

Crawl Across The Ocean puts to rest the silly liberal media bias lie with the results from this year’s McGill study on media bias during the election campaign.

During the campaign there were 3,753 articles written about the election in the 7 newspapers studied (The Calgary Herald, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, the Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun, La Presse and Le Devoir).

Of those 3753, 3035 mentioned the Liberal party. Out of those 3035, there were 40 with positive mentions of the Liberal party and 445 with negative mentions of the Liberals, giving a 11 to 1 ratio of negative mentions to positive (slightly higher than last election’s 10-1 ratio).

Meanwhile, for the Conservative Party, the figures were 2730 total articles, including 144 positive mentions and 127 negative mentions, for a slightly positive overall slant (the positive mentions were similar to last election, but the negatives were cut in half).

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