Saturday, January 21, 2006

Why I'm Voting Green

Hello, greetings from southeastern Ontario. I am a blogger on other forums, and I'm seeing a need to add my voice to the expanding Green and progressive Canadian political blogsphere. If we're heading for Torydom for the next long while, then we're going to need to yell and holler loud.

Why I'm voting Green:

1. Winter hasn't come to this area for the past six years.

2. I remember the Ice Storm.

3. I don't want to shake dice when I vote.

4. I don't believe 17th-century economic theories work anymore. I don't believe they ever really did.

5. As the world becomes a global community, our politics have to become global as well.

6. As the US heads toward full economic and social collapse, I want Canada to be strong, independent, and nimble.

7. I have two children.

8. I believe politicians need to represent people, not political parties (and their funders).

9. I value healthcare more than sickcare (but I value sickcare too!).

10. I believe our problems are solvable if we focus on the root of the problem and are open to making the changes necessary to fixing them.

Okay, a spongy start for a political blog. But it'll pick up steam as I get going...


I disagree. Its a great start to the blogging.

Looking forward to reading more.

Going Green in Alberta
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