Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tory Sharia

The state of South Dakota is in the process of turning back the clock to return to the Golden Age of Before Abortion. Unless someone breaks the governor's arms in the next short while, he will be signing into law the criminalization of all abortions except where the mother's health is at risk.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Sharia is not something exclusive to Islam. Christian fundamentalists and conservatives have their own version of sharia, and they are just as willing to use government to push through their agendas. Polls have shown that Christian conservatives in the US would like to see all abortions illegal (regardless of the health of the mother); divorce, nonheterosexuality, and nonmarital sex illegal; corporal punishment of children *legal*; the death penality enforced in all states; and women relegated to the home.

There is a vague sense that if Americans would only return to the True Values of the Judeo-Christian Heritage, then everything would be all right again. America would return to its rightful place as worshipped master of the world, crime would evaporate, and everyone would eat their vegetables.

Which is so word-for-word an echo of the Islamic Wahhabist desire to return to their Golden Age.

What does democracy mean when a powerful minority group can force their religious ideologies on a secular majority? The Wahhabits don't claim to be democratic; but the American Christian fundamentalists do.

I am concerned that Canadian religious conservatives, including the roster of wingnuts in the Tory ranks, might take South Dakota as an example of what kind of sharia is possible in Canada.

The sooner we bring RU486 on the market, the better.

Maybe I'm just being overly polyanna, but I can't share your concerns. If Canadian socons did make some serious attempts to follow South Dakota's example, it would only assure the Liberals a majority in the next election.
With the Christofascists setting up think tanks in Ottawa, we should not let our guard down. A large number of Americans didn't think that this could happen to them, yet South Dakota is just the beginning.
Hello All,
Since i joined Green Bloggers today i thought i should send around a note introducing myself. I could tell you how amaxing my blog is, but that would be pointless, judge for yourslef. My official intoduction is on Craig Cantin's blog and it is below. The only other thing i want to mention is that i have a map at the base of my blog where you can comment and add your a plug for your own website. If you take a look at this you will see quite a few other green bloggers on it, you might even find a blog you didnt know about. I`m trying to map the green blogosphere.

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New Green Blogger: Climate Change Action
Please help me in welcoming our newest member of the Green Bloggers: Climate Change Action. The blogger responsible for this blog is Calvin Jones, who resides in Alberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. Calvin is our first Green Blogger from Scotland.

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