Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Trouble with Normal it always gets worse. Which is what happens when cartoons head-butt into religious taboos.

To Westerners, rioting about a cartoon isn't Normal. But in an empty economy with no future, too much sand, too much pride, and too many guns, it is.

Normal isn't always normal.

Normal is the reason why IMHO democracy can't be parachuted into violent or totalitarian countries. It just won't take. Normal is very resilient. Look at Russia: from czarist rule to Marxist revolution to Lenin and Stalin to today, it's totalitarianism all the way. On the other hand, look how quickly the US recovered from the 9/11 attacks. Look at the corruption in Canadian politics. Change the party, the tune stays the same... because it's Normal. In fact, it's almost a Canadian tradition now. And Canadians don't torch down the Parliament Buildings either, because that's not Normal.

Ironically, under the Wahabi doctrines that have taken over militant Islam, violent eradication of non-Muslims and their culture is the only way to usher in a return of the golden age of Arabic history -- an old, calm, strong Normal. If they take over the world again and return to the purist Islamic ways of the 7th century, God will forgive them for all their wrongs of the past and give them a better future.

It's their New Normal.

That's another trouble with Normal.

Just a quibble: I think there are lots of people and groups that get grouped as "militant Islam" in mainstream Western discourse that are not Wahabbist, and that do not necessarily support the things listed above. I could be wrong, but that is my impression from things I have read.
Polygamy also causes huge problems for employers that offer benefits - they couldn't afford to offer benefits to multiple spouses and so many more children. That would mean employers would stop offering benefits to all employees just to avoid the situation.
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